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2022-23 Season – Nova Scotia, Canada

A tour in a short window between obligations and a winter storm. The A-B classic of Hebb, Milipsigate, and Minamkeak Lakes where uncertain and worsening conditions put our navigation and ice reading skills to the ultimate test…
Amazing and rare shore to shore nice ice in Kejimkujik National Park.

First ice tours in a very slow start to the season…

2021-22 Season – Nova Scotia, Canada

Multi-tour to three lake on kicksled, skis, and skates in search of skateable ice…
Eastern shore ice window that followed a series of 7 Lakes through the heart of the White Lakes and Ship Harbour Wilderness Areas…Jan 22, 2022
Petpeswick to Paces Lake…January 19, 2022
Natural ice forms in stages creating generations of ice of various strengths. SPOT, STOP, and TURN if necessary to judge ice quality and safety.
Here is a tour from last season that put that to the test. Keep in mind we were all fully aware of the risks and prepared with safety equipment to deal with a plunge. ALWAYS be prepared to assess and manage the risks… January 13, 2022

Long Lake (Uniacke) is one of the nicest featured lakes around. Although the black ice hadn’t formed to be perfect, the great features and intrepid company made for an enjoyable outing…

Early season can take forever to arrive, but as the ice forms you must be ready. A summary of skates leading into the 2021-22 season…

Early morning premier tour on Dec 22, 2021 on Gaspereau Lake. Skating into the day, the season, and the dreaming…


2020-21 Season – Nova Scotia, Canada

Longer narrative version of a late season attempt on a third tour of NS biggest freshwater lake…

Third trip to Rossignol this season, was not as successful, but still an amazing outing and experience. Plus a taste of the infamous Keji Lake… March 8, 2021

A short snapshot of the first minutes of this incredible ice skating tour…a long overdue visit to Lake Charlotte…Feb. 19, 2021

Maximizing ice time involves being prepared with multiple travel means to get to, on, and across frozen landscapes. The two ice tours involved very different methods and gave very different and unique experiences. A wintry kicksled tour of our local Gaspereau Lake, and a second amazing visit to the largest freshwater lake in the province, Lake Rossignol – Feb. 12,13, 2021

First of three visits this season to the largest freshwater lake in Nova Scotia. Incredible vast black ice and a dream tour on Jan.31,2021

Finding the best ice can involve many tools to predict the best region. Weather, temperature, elevation and snowfall can all be significant factors. But on-sight ice finding can be like searching for gold. This triple lake tour was rich in treasure. Whetstone Lake, Lake Torment, and Big LaHave Lake in one day – Jan 20, 2021


2019-20 Season – Nova Scotia, Canada

Final day was a glorious crisp morning with i toured the final reaches of the northeast end of BSM Lake before breakfast. After wonderful crumpets, we began the slow breaking of camp. Re emerging on Panuke Lake to the greeting of David and LJ, they supported our heavy slog in softening ice and dwindling light. This peaceful 4 day retreat gave way to a re-entrance into the start of the Covid Pandemic and the final hours of peace gave lots of time for reflection and appreciation as the geese migrated their way to their seasonal destinations…

Day 3 of 4 took us far down South Lake with a surprise appearance by Scott Murphy on the long day tour, exploring all the remote nooks and crannies. Gorgeous wilderness and amazing winter sun. The ice softened by early afternoon, but firmed up for a late day tour of the south end of BSM Lake.

Day 1 and 2 of a 4 Day ice expedition in the Big St.Margarets Bay Lake area. Adrien and Joel ventured in on day 1 down Panuke Lake and slog portage over to BSM to set up basecamp, while Silas and Lionel followed in on day 2 in hurricane force winds while Adrien and I explored the north end into Little Piney Lake. The late day storm allowed a quick scout of the portage into South Lake for day 3… March 6-9, 2020

Minamkeak Lake triple tour of some of south shore Nova Scotia’s finest lakes with Paul Newton and Adam Barnett. Feb. 21, 2020

Silas and Flax enjoy a section of rock garden nordic skating on Wallaback Lake, Nova Scotia Feb 5, 2020

Hubley to Moore – January 31, 2020

A superb multi-sport ice adventure with Bradley Farquhar and Dave Greene in the Bluff Wilderness Area…

Rippled slush ice, high winds, and wind chill on one of the most featured medium sized lakes in the Windsor area. This video from Five Mile Lake late last winter shows the importance of preparing for wind with proper clothing and planning your route to minimize head wind. Check out the mini-guide to the lake at the end.

Skating awesome early season black ice on Panuke Lake, December 27, 2019. Unfortunately only partially set and lasted only a day, as is the mystique of finding black ice. It will return…

A boxing day treat to discover vast clear ice on our favourite local lake…Dec.26, 2019

After  a few weeks of tease of ice and snow, conditions returned. Following Paul Newton’s lead of previous day scouting, Card Lake was a clear choice for finding black ice…

Kick sleds are a super alternative to skating, and their long runners disperse weight significantly. This can be a blessing and a curse on marginal ice. What this short clip doesn’t show is the valuable training and knowledge gained from an off camera kicksled plunge…
1. Pack your kicksled with additional flotation (attached under the seat to float the front up).
2.Pre-clip a separate throw line attached to the front bar for quick kicksled retrieval.
3.Ensure the rider still has flotation and ice claws for self-rescue.
4.Count on the kicksled holding on thinner ice than would support your weight on foot, and may complicate self or partner rescues.
5.In the plunge, help partner quickly recover the sled, then self-rescue. BE PREPARED to abandon sled if necessary…

Short nordic skating season premier on a beautiful crisp Decemeber day…Salmontail Lake near New Ross…immersonated…


2018-19 Season – Nova Scotia, Canada

Incredible conditions and magic environments on back to back tours. One family tour on refrozen rain on Aylesford Lake, and a multi-lake long tour to the north end of Big Indian Lake. Feb 17-18, 2019

Panuke Paradise -January 27, 2019

Full Day tour down Nova Scotia’s largest lake. The 4 Musketeers enjoy the full splendour of natural ice…

After missing the third lake a week earlier, this return to Hebb Lake on January 17, 2019 provided tons of island exploring, some of the best black ice of the year and new kindred spirits!

Sunset aerial footage from Minamkeak Lake January 13, 2019. This multi-lake tour was the first on these lakes and included Milipsigate Lake and a valiant effort to reach Hebb Lake thwarted my marsh and open water. This crew would reunite for more…

Searching for the least snow fall and crust we skated Grand Lake and Ragged Lake imbedded in the Terence Bay Wilderness area. Pleased to find smooth and hard water covered ice and beautiful nature, we passed in and out of dozens of tiny coves and rocky shoreline to circuit the entire shoreline. Enjoyment and spirit was high. Nothing like a nice day tour to affirm that life is really pretty sweet!

Double Tour – Gaspereau to 4 Mile Classic

A double tour day with lots of ages and abilities to start the day, followed by a classic tour until dusk. December 31, 2018

Following heavy snow, then rain, and a rapid drop in temperature, the timing was perfect to complete a tour around Long Island, before returning to Nova Scotia. The St.John and Kennebcasis Rivers are steeped in skating history, and now i can see why…

Season premier in a snow covered Nova Scotia, where the only good ice is coastal. Beautiful nature in West Dover Provincial Park.


2016-17 Season in Blekinge Province, Sweden

A long and fast tour of Helgasjön with a collection of southern Sweden’s skating elite. Helgasjön, Småland.

LSS (Långfärd Skrinnare i Sydost) is the nordic skating group in Blekinge Province, Sweden. Here we look at how the organization works and explore tours on their popular lake Listersjön, and a rare season tour of Listerby Archipelago on the Baltic Sea…

Beautiful multi lake tour of five lakes in a cold snap in January 2017. Incredible tour and a rare capture of a regulated and rarely skated final lake. Kvesen, Yasjön, Marksjön, Kinnen and Sandsjön.

Thin ice skating on two Swedish lakes. Beautiful mirrored black ice, with the realities of reading thin ice. Mållsjön and Listersjön.

Early December sunrise skate on the UNESCO World Ecological site Alvaret. A limestone barren on the Baltic Island of Öland. Incredible environments can make even the smallest adventures magical…

Record early start to the season November 13, 2016. First taste of lakes in the Blekinge province of Sweden. Skepen, Nätterhövden, Sidlången, and Älten.

More Coming…

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