Nor’Easter Films produces independent adventure based films inspired by the outdoors. Currently filming a feature length nordic skating documentary scheduled for release September 2019. Check out our previous releases, and teasers of upcoming projects.


2018-19 Season – Nova Scotia, Canada

Searching for the least snow fall and crust we skated Grand Lake and Ragged Lake imbedded in the Terence Bay Wilderness area. Pleased to find smooth and hard water covered ice and beautiful nature, we passed in and out of dozens of tiny coves and rocky shoreline to circuit the entire shoreline. Enjoyment and spirit was high. Nothing like a nice day tour to affirm that life is really pretty sweet!

Following heavy snow, then rain, and a rapid drop in temperature, the timing was perfect to complete a tour around Long Island, before returning to Nova Scotia. The St.John and Kennebcasis Rivers are steeped in skating history, and now i can see why…

Season premier in a snow covered Nova Scotia, where the only good ice is coastal. Beautiful nature in West Dover Provincial Park.


2016-17 Season in Blekinge Province, Sweden

Record early start to the season November 13, 2016. First taste of lakes in the Blekinge province of Sweden. Skepen, Nätterhövden, Sidlången, and Älten.

Early December sunrise skate on the UNESCO World Ecological site Alvaret. A limestone barren on the Baltic Island of Öland. Incredible environments can make even the smallest adventures magical…

Thin ice skating on two Swedish lakes. Beautiful mirrored black ice, with the realities of reading thin ice. Mållsjön and Listersjön.

Beautiful multi lake tour of five lakes in a cold snap in January 2017. Incredible tour and a rare capture of a regulated and rarely skated final lake. Kvesen, Yasjön, Marksjön, Kinnen and Sandsjön.

A long and fast tour of Helgasjön with a collection of southern Sweden’s skating elite. Helgasjön, Småland.

More Coming…

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