Below you will find links with tools and information useful for Natural Ice Adventures…

Find your Ice!

Incredible app and website for monitoring current and forecasted conditions for temperatures, wind, new snow, snow depth, and more. Fantastic tool for predicting ice conditions in different areas!

Sentinel-Hub EO Browser

An amazing tool for ice formation and condition prediction based on recently imagery from the Sentinel Satellite. Using infrared layering one can gain insight into both existence and quality of ice surfaces.

NS Webcams

A number of webcams that provide useful views of snow and ice conditions around the province. Lake Banook is notable.

NS Highway Webcams

Useful view of not only road conditions, but also snowfall in various parts of the province. (The Skaters Network)

An online network designed for ice users in Scandinavia. The platform includes opportunities for sharing ice observations, trip plans, and trip reports and graphing information on Open Street Map. This platform can be viewed by anyone with historical information. Up to date information can only be viewed by members.

Members of the Nor’Easter Natural Ice Google Group will have membership in for 2019-20 under NNI (our club name). Tips on login and use will be posted there…

David Dermott Homepage

The local guru of natural ice here in the Annapolis Valley. His homepage has a phenomal collection of links about everything ice related. History, equipment, current events and more from around the world.


Lake Ice

Bob Dill’s site with an incredible collection of articles written about everything to do with ice…

┬áKrister Valtonen’s excellent 3-part video series with English sub-titles about
“reading” the ice:

(if subtitles don’t show up, click the CC button at the bottom of the window)

Part 1: Icemanship – Judging Sweet Water Ice in on Place

Part 2: Icemanship – Columnar Black Ice

Part 3: Icemanship – Ice Area Principle

ICEGUIDE is a company that takes tourists on guided tours on “wild ice”. This video shows their safety procedures:

A site developed for sharing important information around ice safety. (In Swedish).

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