N Ice Pole



Alter-Eco designed and sustainably handcrafted multi-use ice poles.



Alter-Eco designed and sustainably handcrafted multi-use ice poles. Primary use is for stability on uneven ice or terrain. Useful measuring equipment to assist with assessment and judgment of ice thickness and quality.

Made of sustainably handharvested birch, maple, ash, and wild cherry. Each pole is unique and brings the beautiful characteristics and strength of round wood construction. Featuring a stainless steel calibrated tip, rubber tip protector, and leash of reflective cord or webbing. Check the characteristics of each pole to find a pole that best fits your body and style…

Not available online. Contact us to make an appointment for your personalized N Ice Pole selection…


*Ice poles are designed to assist with determining the strength and quality of ice, but DO NOT guarantee your safety. Always use good knowledge, judgment, and preparation when going onto natural ice!



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