Nor’Easter Natural Ice Membership

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Membership in NNI is on a voluntary basis, and will provide you access to benefits of the efforts of Nor’Easter and it’s associated partners.

Membership is for the 2022-23 Season (September 1, 2022 - August 31, 2023) and the cost is $20.00.

This gives you:

  • One Year Membership to  (Ice Observations, Tour Reports, Skating Atlas, NNI Tour Information)
  • 10% Discount from Nor’Easter Shop (
  • 50% off all NNI hosted workshops and events
  • Premier access to NNI organized tours and event information
  • Exclusive weekly Ice Updates (Dec-Apr) via email
  • Nor’Easter Membership Decal, E-Newsletter, and Ice Gauge (while supplies last)
  • Access to natural ice consulting services (phone and email)

*The work of NNI continues to support natural ice recreation and nordic skating, we need your support. Any monetary donations to our efforts are greatly appreciated. Click donate at membership fee.

You are not logged in. Please log in before continuing to renew your membership.

NNI Membership and Disclaimer

Natural ice is NEVER safe. It is constantly changing and geographically variable making it both dangerous and potentially deadly. Natural ice recreation is an non-insured activity in Canada, and any activity on natural ice is completely at the user's own risk and responsibility. Natural ice users must be prepared.

Nor'Easter Adventures, Nor'easter Natural Ice, it’s members, executive, or partners / sponsors are NOT responsible for any loss, injury, or death resulting from the use of information, equipment, or understanding when using any form of travel on natural ice.



*I am aware that participation is at my own risk, and I accept full responsibility for my preparation, decision making, and participation in natural ice recreation and membership in the NNI group.

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