Pikmakarn Black



Premium Swedish made Nordic Skate.

Without Binding $320.00

With NNN BC Binding $380.00

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Premium Swedish made Nordic Skate. Praised for its lightness and speed thanks to a lightweight platform. Very hard Swedish steel blade holds its sharpness longer, and the narrow profile creates lower friction on the ice. The medium upturned tip make it a great all-round skate for both stability on uneven ice and speed on smooth ice. Adjustable both in length to centre your foot over the contact surface, and adjustable sideways to achieve the perfect balance for your skating style. Fully glued blades are very durable. 1,25mm Swedish Sandvik steel. Hardness: 60hcr. Radius: 27m. Aluminum: 7005.

Without Binding $320.00.

Mount your own NNN BC, or NNN bindings, or NIS bindings (with adaption plate). Nuts and Bolts included. Can be mounted with Salomon Prolink, but other Salomon bindings require modification. Stiff flex recommended.

With NNN BC Binding $380.00

43 or 48 cm.

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