Zandstra NIS Nordic Blades



NIS compatible Nordic Blades


with Rottefella Xcelerator Performance Binding and Skating Flexor


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The NIS Nordic Blades crafted in the Netherlands offer an excellent option for a lightweight and clutter free blade set-up. Ideal for skate skiers looking to use their skate ski boots on ice. Any NIS binding can be mounted on this blade due to the specially milled upper. The binding is attached WITHOUT using screws or bolts or adapter plates, making it is 40% lighter as regular bindings.

Sizes: 40, 43, 45 and 48 cms
Steel: Stainless Toolsteel 1.25MM
Hardness: 60 Rc
Radius: 35 Meters
Mounting system: NIS
Height of runner: 27 mm
Finish: Anodised

The Rottefella NIS Performance binding is easily repositioned forwards and backwards on the ice-skate with the NIS key (included). The binding has an extra hard flex which is special made for ice skating.

The computer data for milling the aluminium frame in order to obtain a perfect fit for the new NIS bindings has been exclusive granted to Zandstra Sports.

$240 without bindings

$340 with Rottefella Xcelerator Performance Binding and Skating Flexor


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